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Exhibits like the Buddy Holly Center accentuate the diverse cultural characteristics of the Lubbock region. It encourages interaction between artists and the community. You'll be given a chance to see all the collections and artifacts, such as guitars, and hand wrote letters relevant to Lubbock's most famous celebrity, Buddy Holly. It also includes other performing artists and musicians of West Texas as well. Changing exhibitions in the visual arts provide an arena for celebrating the technical porous and creativity of talented artists at work in a region distinguished by vast distances and a strong tradition and rich history.

Although the city of Lubbock's collection dominantly preserves the Buddy Holly exhibit, it also includes several items that have been loaned by fans, supporters, and family. It includes detailed graphics, timelines, and audio and visual portions that are interactive. Some of the most popular items on display are his stage sloths, fan letters, recording microphone, Buddy Holly's personal collection of records, his wooden slingshot, and a custom guitar strap that was designed and hand-crafted by Buddy Holly himself. If you're a true fan of Buddy Holly, then this is by far the most extensive collection you'll ever encounter honoring this influential singer-songwriter. You're not going to want to miss this national treasure.

The Buddy Holly Center features an impressive 2,500 square feet of gallery space. This space is dedicated to presentations of the ever-evolving contemporary visual arts programs that are in the area. These exhibitions are in the spirit of a tradition and quality initiatives that have been presented by the Lubbock Fine Arts Center. They pride themselves in keeping with the tradition to continue the present challenging visual arts exhibitions that serve as an essential resource for showcasing contemporary arts of the region and the nation. 
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